Virgin Cheese

Cheese and being vegan can go together, thanks to delicious “cheese” from Virgin Cheese. Made from cashews, almond and more, this brand is the go-to vegan cheese in town.

Jodi Paige, the Chief Cheese Officer, has worked hard to solidify her company as the vegan cheese alternative in town. Today, the company provides vegan, artisanal cheese made from plants all around Vegas.

Vegas-based Virgin Cheese offers vegan cheese for purchase and at select restaurants and stores in Las Vegas. For a look at vegan dining, vegan products and more in Las Vegas, visit

Made from cultured, cashew nut milk, the cheese is blessedly free of soy, GMOs and is free of all animal byproducts. Produced by hand, cheese from Virgin are aged and ripened. Lower in fat than most other popular nuts, cashew cheese delivers essential fatty acids, B vitamins, fiber, protein and more.

Get those wine pairings ready and enjoy Virgin Cheese at these locations in Vegas:

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