Vegan Activist Kyle O’Sullivan on Veganism, Activism and the Best Vegan Dining Scene

If you’re on Facebook and in vegan Facebook groups, chances are oh-so-high you know Kyle O’Sullivan. The English vegan activist went viral in 2017 with his vegan raps, jumping from 300 followers on Instagram to 44,000 in a matter of months.

O’Sullivan, who went vegan a couple of years ago after watching Gary Yourofsky’s speech (the “most important one you will ever hear”) joined Diana to chat about vegan life, activism, rapping, viral fame, the best place in the world for vegan dining (you won’t believe where it is!) and more.

Grab some nooch covered popcorn and check out the interview.

Kyle, we’re looking forward to seeing you in Vegas and taking you to all our favorite restaurants!

 Chatting with Kyle O’Sullivan

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