There’s a Vegan Takeover Goin’ On

BRB, we’re in the middle of a vegan takeover.

Yes, you read that correctly.

On Wednesday, Aug. 16, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Downtown’s best pizza joint (and one of the city’s best pizza spots because OMG that crust and that sauce and that rad vibe), Evel Pie, is going vegan. For the night.

Welcome to the Vegans, Baby vegan takeover where for three hours this hopping joint is veganizing their kitchen and only serving vegan food.

Join us and head over to this very special Vegans, Baby event that features passed eats created by award-winning pizza genius Vincent Rotolo:

Vegan meatballs – with Evel marinara sauce

Green Machine – pizza covered with vegan pesto with peppadew peppers, olives and a housemade vegan cheese sauce

Vegan 420 – Evel’s 420 pie with a three-cheese blend and covered with mushrooms and fresh herbs (herb-herbs, not what’s just become recreational)

Flower Child – pizza with Evel’s marinara with squash blossoms, house-made vegan ricotta, fresh basil and edible flowers.

Sound good? IT IS. And, it gets better because Crafthaus is joining in on the celebration and serving up three vegan beers at the party.

Even better? You lovelies get to vote on the dish you like best and Evel Pie will put it on their menu for the next month.

Vegans, Baby is taking over Evel Pie on Aug. 16. For more Vegan events in Las Vegas, visit

Advance tickets are $15 for food only; $25 for food and two drinks from Crafthaus. At the door, tickets are $18 and $28. Come whenever you want between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., but make sure you come! You won’t want to miss this event — Evel Pie is taking votes and adding the crowd favorite to the menu for the following month.

Purchase your tickets today! Or, you know, wait and cross your fingers they won’t be sold out.

Live hard. Ride fast. Eat (vegan) pizza. With us.

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