The Best Vegan Dining in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is on the up in terms of the vegan scene. In fact, this desert city was recently ranked as one of the top cities for vegan dining in the USA. While we’re not sure what parameters were used to determine this honor — hey, we’ve still got a ways to go compared to spots like LA, NYC and Portland — we’ll definitely take it.

One of the questions we always get asked are what are our favorite spots. So, today we’ve assembled a little guide for you — we’ve selected one spot for each category to give you The Best Vegan Dining in Las Vegas.

Best Vegan Restaurant

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Photo courtesy VegeNation


This honestly is the toughest category to declare a “best” since we truly love all of the vegan restaurants in town. However, the spot which creates the best overall vibe, in addition to the eats, is VegeNation. Grab a seat at the community table any day of the week to meet and mingle with like-minded souls or hit the back patio for some al fresco dining. Depending on the day or night, VegeNation has live music, a DJ spinning chill beats, fundraisers, workshops and even pop-up shops and yoga on its back patio. In touch with today’s current events, VegeNation can be known to get a bit political (like writing letters to local representatives) and super involved with the Downtown community. They’re super environmental, all about using locally sourced produce and supporting other local businesses — even their booze is local. Can you feel the vegan love?

What to order: Breakfast: Food Not Bombs and Perky Potion; Lunch/Dinner: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi, The Torre Washington, Brownie Sundae. Brunch: Chicken and Waffles. Every. Single. Time. $10.95 – $11.95 for entree.

616 E. Carson Ave.

Honorable Mention: Violette’s Vegan, Simply Pure, Go Vegan

Best Omni Restaurant with Vegan Eats

Panevino Italian Grille

Again, this one is tough. There are so many restaurants who are providing delicious vegan options that to narrow down only one is daunting. We’re leaving Wynn and Encore out of this race (every restaurant at the properties offer vegan options) and want to focus on a local spot catering to vegans. And that honor goes to Panevino Italian Grille. General manager and plant-based expert Vincenzo Granata has nailed down one incredible menu at this Italian spot. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but we dig it because it’s the perfect place for a romantic night out, to show-off the city (it comes complete with a view of the Las Vegas Strip) or to grab a drink during happy hour and snack in the bar. Bonus: most of the dishes are oil-free and gluten-free.

What to order: Warm Artisan Bread (what we’ve dubbed the “puffy bread”), Caesar Salad, Vincenzo’s Organic “Ricotta” and Spinach Ravioli. $25 – $28 for entree.

246 Via Antonio Ave. 

Best Vegan Chef

Simply Pure is an entirely vegan restaurant run by Chef Stacey Dougan. Located in the Container Park, it offers pure and raw dishes. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

Chef Stacey Dougan

Chef Stacey Dougan is no stranger to working with celebs and creating healthy plant-based meals for them. The woman behind Downtown Container Park’s Simply Pure, Chef Dougan rose to international fame in 2016 when President Bill Clinton popped into her shipping container fast-casual restaurant. Swing by Simply Pure to see what all the fuss is about. Her dishes are healthy, largely raw and incredible. You won’t be disappointed.

What to order: Lasagna. $6.95 – $11.95

707 E. Fremont St.

Best Bar with Vegan Options

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

LV Bar

Vegas is a bar town. But, Vegas is not a vegan-friendly bar town. It’s tough to hang at Happy Hour and watch everyone eat all the food while you’re stuck with hummus or a salad. Then came Whole Foods. Seriously. This gourmet grocery chain isn’t just for groceries anymore. Two of their locations in town (just south of The Strip on Las Vegas Blvd. and in Green Valley) feature restaurants with bars tucked inside. Serving craft beer and wine, the menu has plenty of vegan options from starters all the way through desserts. It’s also the only place in town to devour the new Beyond Meat Burger. While some of the dishes are seasonal, there are some staples you can count on, too. And — for the record — Whole Foods restaurants and bars in town are super affordable.

What to order: Cauliflower Nachos, Beyond Meat Burger, Vegan Chocolate Cake. $12+ for entrees.

Town Square, 6689 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; The District, 100 S. Green Valley Pkwy.

Honorable Mention: Kitchen by Atomic

Best Breakfast


Not only are they the best vegan restaurant in town, VegeNation also serves the best breakfast. From tofu scrambles to wraps to french toast and waffles, the breakfast items here are on point. Don’t feel like chewing? They’ve got smoothies that can equal a meal, too. Don’t miss their weekend popup — chicken and waffles. It’s the best. Promise.

What to order: Food Not Bombs Bowl. $8.95 – $10.95 for breakfast entree.

616 E. Carson Ave.

Best Burger

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit


Veggie burgers are everywhere in Las Vegas. Everywhere. But, an incredible veggie burger? Now, that’s a different story. There are the TVP burgers. The potato-based burgers packed with other veggies. The black bean burgers. The fill-in-the-blank burgers. But, there is only one Ultimate Burger. And, that’s at Boca Park’s Panacea. This plant-based restaurant serves up the hands-down best vegan burger in town. The best part? It’s oh-so-good for you. Made with quinoa, lentils, buckwheat and faro, this double-pattied goodness is served with melted cheese, ketchup and mustard and veggies. Basically, it’s your healthy In N’ Out, but cruelty-free and far tastier. Get thee to Panacea to try this immediately. You’re welcome.

750 S. Rampart Blvd.

What to order: Ultimate Burger, Divine Goddess Smoothie, any dessert. Ultimate Burger is $14.99.

Honorable Mention: VegeNation, Violette’s Vegan

Best Brunch

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Border Grill

Brunch is a big deal in Las Vegas. But, it’s hard to find a stellar vegan brunch (although we definitely have our top picks for vegan brunching in Vegas)  in town that is offering items beyond the typical vegan options (you know what we’re talking about — tofu scrambles, we’re looking at you!). Enter Border Grill. Located inside Mandalay Bay, Border Grill is our hands-down healthiest and best spot for hitting the brunch scene in Vegas with vegan and omni friends. For $39, you’re treated to about 10 small plates of Mexican brunch goodness, all whole foods. We’re talking chia seed pudding made with coconut and almond milk with freshly plucked lemon balm grown at the restaurant, chilaquiles topped with fresh tomatillo, arepas, salads with restaurant-grown sprouts and so much more. Grab a seat on the terrace for some pool people watching or simply to enjoy that gorgeous Vegas blue sky.

What to order: Brunch, obviously. Served Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Brunch is $39 plus tax and gratuity. Add $15 – $20 for bottomless mimosas and more.

Mandalay Bay, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Honorable Mention: VegeNation

Best Casino for Vegan Eats

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Dessert at Mizumi


We all owe Steve Wynn a big “thank you” for his restaurant rule at both Wynn and Encore: every one of them has to have vegan options. While we can’t even begin to narrow down the best picks at these two resorts, we can tell you if you want whole foods versus processed, Jardin is your go-to. Otherwise, plenty of options await from steakhouse to Asian. Also, if you’ve been wanting to try the new Impossible Burger, it’s found a home at Andrea’s.

Wynn and Encore, 3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Honorable Mention: Mandalay Bay

Best Chinese

Veggie House

Trick your omni friends by taking them to Veggie House. This Chinese restaurant is all vegan and knocks off the best in Chinese food, truly showing people that anything can be veganized. From the Orange Chicken to the Pan Fried Fish with Special Sauce, you’ll be shocked the food is vegan.

Save now on your order from Veggie House!

What to order: Cilantro Salad, Orange Chicken. $10 – $13.50 for entrees.

5115 Spring Mountain Rd. 

Best Coffee House

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit


Totally hipster and scene-y, PublicUs is our pick for the best coffee shop in town. Why? It isn’t really the coffee per se, it’s the food they’ve got to go with it. While there are quite a few coffee shops in Las Vegas with vegan options, we’ve found PublicUs’ to be the best. With Bread for the People supplying items like their organic, non-GMO cinnamon rolls to the breakfast, lunch and dinner options, we dig it here. Sure, the coffee is good, but the food? Better.

What to order: Coffee (your choice), Bread for the People’s Cinnamon Vegan Roll, Curry Lentil Soup. Coffee beverages are $3 – $6.

1126 Fremont St.

Honorable Mentions: Sunrise Coffee, Mothership, TIABI, Makers & Finders

Best Comfort Food

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Violette’s Vegan Organic Cafe & Juice Bar

Mac and cheese. Biscuits and gravy. Cheeseburgers. Potato salad. And more. Welcome to vegan comfort food heaven at Violette’s Vegan. Founded by poker pro Cyndy Violette, this colorful restaurant features a lunch and dinner menu packed with food that will cradle you in creamy, cheesy, breaded, fried goodness. Violette’s doesn’t only serve up the comfort food, it’s also got healthy options like hummus, salads, wraps, juices, smoothies and more in case you’re counting calories. But, if you’re not … don’t miss out on the housemade donuts when they’ve got ’em.

Save now on your Violette’s Vegan meal.

What to order: Sassy Wings, California Dreamin’ Bacon Cheeze Burger, side of Mac N’ Cheese, donuts. $11.95 – $14.95 for entree.

8560 W. Desert Inn Rd.

Honorable Mention: Cornish Pasty Co.

Best Dessert

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit


One of two restaurants to show up twice on our list is Panacea, and with good reason. The desserts at Panacea are the Best Vegan Desserts in Las Vegas. Why? Aside from the fact that they’ve mastered the vegan versions of peanut butter cookies, cinnamon rolls and Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes, their creative options are insanely good … and sneak in super foods like cacao and more to make your dessert healthier.

What to order: Hostess Chocolate Cupcake, Dessert Special.

750 S. Rampart Blvd.

Honorable Mention: Cinnaholic

Best Donuts

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Ronald’s Donuts

There is definitely a donut scene in Las Vegas … and a growing vegan donut scene (ever sooooo slowly). Your best bet for vegan donuts is Chinatown’s Ronald’s Donuts. Here, they’ve got two entire rows of vegan donuts. We’re talking glazed, jam-filled, custard-filled, chocolate-covered and so much more. Be sure to bring cash ’cause this local spot doesn’t take cards.

What to order: All of them. Naturally. $10/dozen.

4600 Spring Mountain Rd. 

Honorable Mention: Donut Bar, Violette’s (when available)

Best Farmers Market Find

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Garden Grill

Fooling omnivores for years, Garden Grill is our pick for the Best Farmers Market eats. This organic traveling maker of good eats serves up tacos like beer battered avocado, chick’n teriyaki and pulled BBQ jackfruit, as well as sandwiches like the Crispy Chick’n (Southern fried chick’n on a toasted organic whole wheat bun, housemade chipotle aioli and more), a Reuben and soups, wraps and desserts.

What to order: The Crispy Chick’n. $7 – $12 for items.

Follow Garden Grill’s Facebook for upcoming locations.

Best Fast Food


We’ve got vegan fast food complete with a drive-thru. In fact, we’ve got two vegan fast food spots with drive-thrus. Both of them are Vege-Way. It makes it easy to bestow the Best Vegan Fast Food honor to Vege-Way, not only because they’re the only ones, but because the food is legit the vegan version of In N’ Out. So, skip Taco Bell’s vegan menu and head here for a double burger with melted cheese, fish tacos, curly fries and even shakes from Perfect Scoop.

What to order: Double Cheeseburger, Curly Fries. Burgers start at $4.69. Meal deals are $8.69 – $9.89.

7790 S. Jones Blvd.; 6410 N. Durango Dr.

Best Gluten-Free

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Great Grubbing

Tons of restaurants have gluten-free options, but there’s only one restaurant in Las Vegas that is entirely gluten-free, Great Grubbing. The fast-casual spot offers a variety of vegan menu options that won’t leave those who have gluten tolerance issues feeling sick. From smoothies to entrees, this is the best place to go for gluten-free (and worry-free) eats in Las Vegas.

What to order: Vegan Sandwich or Homemade Vegan Burger. $7.99 for entree.

2530 St. Rose Pkwy.

Best Health/Raw Food

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Go Vegan Cafe

One of the longest running all-vegan restaurants in town — and our pick for Best Health Food — is Go Vegan. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything you order here is delicious. If you’re looking for healthy options or raw food, this is also the place to visit. With an entire menu dedicated to raw life, plus a salad bar, Go Vegan is your go-to. They’ve got build-your-own raw burgers, raw pizzas, raw toastadas, raw wraps, a raw burrito plus salads, juices and smoothies.

What to order: House Salad (share it!), Raw Mediterranean Burger. $11 – $17 for entrees.

5875 S. Rainbow Blvd.

Honorable Mention: Bronze Cafe

Best Hot Dog

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit


To consume the best hot dog in town, it requires a tiny bit of effort. First, you’ve got to park your car at New York – New York, then you’ve got to walk about a block to Beerhaus. The Best Hot Dog goes to Beerhaus not only because of their fun atmosphere and ample beers to enjoy with your dog, but because they’ve got two different kinds of dogs — a normal Field Roast Vegan City Dog (spicy relish and mustard) and then the Vegan Chipotle Dog, a spicy Field Roast sausage. Yum.

What to order: Spicy Vegan Dog

3784 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Honorable Mention: Cheffini’s

Best Ice Cream

Vegan ice cream in Las Vegas can be found at Perfect Scoop. With two locations, the almond milk dessert comes in a variety of flavors. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Perfect Scoop

Let’s all scream for ice cream. Vegan ice cream isn’t where we’d like it to be … yet, but Perfect Scoop keeps us happy. This anime-centric ice cream shop offers almond milk ice cream in a variety of flavors. They’ve also got milkshakes to hit that sweet tooth in the best possible way.

What to order: Mint Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake. $4 and up for ice cream.

7377 S. Jones Blvd.; 6446 N. Durango

Best Indian

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Urban Turban

It’s not hard to find vegan options at Indian spots, but few actually cater to vegans. Until Urban Turban came along. This restaurant, helmed by Chef Tarun Kapoor serves up Indian street food, traditional eats and more innovative options … plus an all-vegan buffet every Tuesday night. With a special vegan menu featuring a nice selection (more than 10 options) of apps and entrees, this Indian restaurant earns the Best Of recognition.

What to order: Lentil Cappuccino, Pani Puri, Dal Tadka, Vegan Dark Chocolate Samosa. $11 – $14 for entrees.

Honorable Mention: Curry Leaf

3900 Paradise Rd.

Best Italian

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

The Pasta Shop

Forget fake cheese at this Italian restaurant. The Pasta Shop Ristorante and Art Gallery is our Best Italian pick because the vegan dishes they serve are all whole foods, homemade and ridiculously flavorful. From the vegan, gluten-free pasta made fresh in-house (you can even take purchase their pasta to cook at home) to their spicy diablo sauce tossed into a massive portion of spinach linguini, it’s hard to not order the entire vegan spread. This family-owned neighborhood restaurant currently has a secret vegan menu, but they’re launching a full vegan menu in July.

What to order: Live Forever Salad – Trent Special, Spinach Linguini with Diablo Sauce, Lemon Sorbet. $17.95 and up for entrees.

2525 W. Horizon Ridge

Best Juice Bar

House of Alchemy

Juice bars seem to be on all major corners in town, as well as in a number of casinos. The Best Juice Bar isn’t in a casino though, it’s hidden off of 215 and Flamingo. House of Alchemy, which only opened at the beginning of 2017, regularly has its juices and nut milks flying out of the fridge — and with good reason. They are outstanding. Come to this locally-owned business and grab a juice or milk or coffee and enjoy the chill, bright vibe complete with a swinging bed and an upstairs filled with tables and couches.

What to order: Under the Sea. Prices average $9 – $12 for juices and milks.

Honorable Mention: The Juice Standard, Fruits & Roots

4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr.

Best Locals Scene

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Makers & Finders

Want to see where the locals hang? Makers & Finders is your spot. Packed with Downtowners, and those who drive to hang here, this coffee shop/Latin-inspired restaurant recently launched vegan options. Grab some flaky empanadas or a cold brew and enjoy the people watching on their patio complete with couches.

What to order: Empanadas, Gardein Chicken. $11 – $13 for entrees.

1120 S. Main St.

Best Lunch

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Purple Potato

Purple Potato gets our nod for Best Lunch. Why? For starters, it’s the perfect lunch price of $8. Second, we dig anything where we can create our own healthy meal. Purple Potato offers a build-your-own bowl option on their menu and it’s our favorite thing to devour for lunch. Create your own goodness with two bases (a grain and a veggie), then add in the maple tofu, more veggies, sauces and additional items to create a lunch that will power you through the entire afternoon.

What to order: Build-Your-Own Bowl  (we’re obsessed with this creation: Lemon Herb Brown Rice, Arugula, Maple Tofu, Chimichurri Sauce, Spicy Garlic Almonds, Roasted Broccoli, Crunchy Shiitake, Bean Sprouts, Red Chili Flakes, Kizame Nori), Purple Potato Pudding. $8+ for Build-Your-Own

10090 S. Eastern Ave.

Best Mediterranean

Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge

We love falafel. And fortunately, this town is packed with falafel spots. Our Best Mediterranean pick is Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge, located just off The Strip (there’s another location on the westside of town, too). Aside from the locals discount on Wednesday nights, the Mediterranean eats here are simply really, really good. Crispy falafel, fresh pita, abundant salads. Plus, it’s not too pricey.

What to order: Stuffed grape leaves (hold the tzatziki sauce), Falamus (falafel pita with humus, too). $8.50 – $8.75 for pita or salad. 

4147 S. Maryland Pkwy.; 8380 W. Sahara Ave.

Best Mexican

Nacho Daddy

Mexican eats in Las Vegas are everywhere. And, lately more and more vegan Mexican options have been popping up. If you’re looking for some legit Mexican, our pick for Best Mexican with vegan eats is Nacho Daddy. With a few locations in town (it’s super tourist friendly thanks to a location on The Strip and Downtown), Nacho Daddy has heaps of vegan options. The homemade vegan queso dip is out-of-this-world. Actually, every vegan dish on the menu is delicious. Couple it with it being open late (2 a.m. for the Downtown and Strip locations), and you can see why we’re calling Nacho Daddy the Best Mexican in town for vegans.

What to order: Queso Dip, Chick’n Tacos. $11.95 – $16.95 for entrees.

Miracle Mile Shops, 3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; 113 N. 4th St.; 9560 W. Sahara Ave.

Honorable Mention: Frank & Fina’s, Pancho’s Kitchen

Best Pizza

From garlic knots to homemade vegan ranch to vegan pizza, Pizza Company has it all in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

Pizza Company

Joey Geary is one of the hardest working pizza shop owners in town. We’re pretty sure he never rests. And with good reason — his pizza joint is wildly popular with locals and tourists alike. Located just across from the airport, The Pizza Company has laid solid footing in the vegan scene thanks to Geary’s dedication to vegan eats. From the garlic knots to the calzones, to the housemade ricotta cheese you can get on your pie, to the homemade vegan ranch (a must!) and tiramisu, The Pizza Company wins our vote for the best vegan pizza in Las Vegas.

What to order: Garlic Knots, Pizza (of course – with Daiya, ricotta or sans cheese with three toppings), Tiramisu. $11.99 and up for vegan pizza.

2275 E. Sunset Rd.

Evel Pie

Yeah, we listed two best pizza places. Why? Because it’s a legit toss-up. Evel Pie has the best crust in town. Possible the universe. And, the pizzaiolo Vincent Ritolo has won awards for his pies, so ordering this pie means you’re eating some of the best pizza in the States. Currently, they’re only serving up vegan pizza sans cheese or with Daiya, but Ritolo recently partnered with Numu and when they’re ready to expand, this will be one of the first places they go. Bonus: Evel is working on featuring a new vegan pie every month, and we’ve tried them and can report first-hand you must try.

508 Fremont St.

Honorable Mention: Slice of Vegas

Best Pho

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Pho Kim Long

There’s a burgeoning vegan pho scene in town, but only one spot that has the locals hitting up again and again and again. Pho Kim Long, located in Chinatown, serves up our pick for Best Pho. Relatively inexpensive, this place nets Best not only because the soup itself, but also its 24/7 access. It’s the perfect vegan pho spot for Las Vegas. Side note: there has been a lot of discussion regarding the broth. We checked and the restaurant assured us, it’s vegan.

What to order: Pho. $7. 75 for vegan pho.

Honorable Mention: Lemongrass

4029 W. Spring Mountain Rd.

Best Ramen

For vegan ramen in Las Vegas, head to Jinya Ramen Bar. For more vegan restaurants in Las Vegas, visit


Oh, ramen, how we love thee. And, oh Jinya, how we love thee. What makes Jinya stand out and earn Best of status is its dedication to authenticity (as well as how good its ramen is). These noodles are made using 99 percent pure water and aged for the best flavor. While there’s only two vegan ramen options, it doesn’t matter. The spicy creamy vegan ramen is our little slice of ramen heaven.

What to order: Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Truffle Oil, Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen. Ramen is $10 – 11.

4860 W. Flamingo Rd.

Honorable MentionKabuki

Best Spanish

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Julian Serrano Tapas

Spanish food and vegan don’t really go hand in hand. We lived in Madrid for almost a year, and jamon is considered a food group (and a non-meat, yeah, we don’t get it either). So, finding vegan Spanish food that is authentic and plant-based isn’t an easy feat. Except at Julian Serrano Tapas inside Aria which has mastered vegan Spanish eats. From the gorgeous tapas like Pan Tomate (toasted bread with fresh garlic tomato sauce) to the paella, this vegan menu is sensational and even more flavorful than the actual stuff in Spain. Go figure.

What to order: Pan Tomate, Padron Peppers, Paella. Paella serves 2+ and is $45. Tapas range from $4 – $10.

Aria Las Vegas, 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Best Sushi

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit

Blue Sea Sushi & Izakaya

There are a few spots in town we hit up for sushi. But, our favorite is Blue Sea Sushi and Izakaya (formerly Miko’s). Vegan sushi isn’t hard (cucumber rolls, anyone?), but creative sushi is another story. Blue Sea has a variety of rolls to choose from, plus plenty of other vegan eats we deem not shareable (i.e. order your own). We are obsessed with the Hawaiian Caterpillar roll, stuffed with avocado and topped with avocado, pineapple, coconut sauce and coconut flakes. They’ve also got more traditional Japanese dishes to choose from, like fermented soy sushi.

What to order: Miso Soup, Vegan Gyoza, Hawaiian Caterpillar.

Honorable Mention: Kabuki, Sake Rok

500 E. Windmill Ln.

Best Thai

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit


Five pages of vegan and vegetarian options earn Komol the Best Vegan Thai Food in Las Vegas distinction. After living in Thailand, we can promise you that the food here is about authentic tasting as it gets. Plus, the menu is just so incredibly massive it’s hard not to find something for everyone. They’ve also got our favorite dessert — mango sticky rice and more vegan options.

What to order: Herbal Salad, Cashew Tofu, Mango Sticky Rice. $9.95 – $12.95 for entrees.

953 E. Sahara Ave.

Honorable Mention: Table Thai

Best Tater Tots

A look at the best vegan dining in Las Vegas. For more vegan food in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.comBurger Joint

Who doesn’t love tots? (Note: if you don’t, feel free to move right along to the next category.) While you can find tots at plenty of spots in town, you can’t find many tots that aren’t cross-contaminated. Burger Joint’s got ’em though. This omni-restaurant is vegan-friendly and has a separate fryer for the vegan eats. These tater tots come in a few varieties, and honestly, we love them all. If you’re craving a little sweetness, order up the sweet potato version. Or, give the good ol’ fashioned taters a try, topped with chives and served with sriracha ketchup. We’ll even let you in on a little secret — Burger Joint has shaved truffles they can toss on. Talk about a heavenly tot.

What to order: Fried Pickles, Portobello Burger, Tater Tots. Tots are $6 (extra for truffles).

10890 S. Eastern Ave.

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