NUMU Vegan Cheese Announces Plans to Expand. It’s First Stop: Las Vegas

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

NUMU Vegan Cheese, that gooey, vegan cheese that’s been getting quite the buzz in New York City is doing something it’s never done before — it’s leaving New York city, where it is exclusively found in only a handful of restaurants —  and heading west. To Las Vegas. To Evel Pie. For our Vegans, Baby Vegan Takeover on Aug. 16. THIS IS INSANE. And AMAZING.

“We have been delaying doing events that would get widespread press because we have been working on scaling up production,” says Jill Carnegie, co-founder of NUMU.
NUMU hits Las Vegas market at Vegans, Baby event. For details visit

New Yorkers have been loving pies like this one from Paulie Gee’s and now its Las Vegas’ turn.

But, no more. NUMU, only a year old, is now ready to cover pizza pies across the country and the Vegans, Baby Vegan Takeover on Aug. 16 at Downtown Las Vegas’ Evel Pie marks its first stop.
“Plans are being set in stone now for a major expansion for the rest of 2017,” explains Carnegie. “The Vegans, Baby seems like a good chance to start getting cheese into new markets and getting new people exposed to it.”
In the next few months, expect NUMU to start becoming available in more markets.
NUMU Vegan Cheese makes its national debut outside of NYC at Vegans, Baby's Vegan Takeover at Evel Pie. For more information visit
“One of our goals is to saturate American cities as quickly as possible,” she says. “Las Vegas is definitely included in that.”
Who says messages to companies don’t work? The vegan cheese company has been bombarded with pleas to bring their cheese across the country for the past year.
“We’re really excited to serve all of these people who have been waiting so patiently to serve our creation,” says Carnegie.
You get your chance to see what the hype is about on Aug. 16. 

What makes NUMU so dreamy?

Before turning vegan, pizza was our go-to meal. Seriously. We ate alllllll the pizza. It was the hardest thing to let go of, too. But, we did and never looked back. Although, deep down, we dreamed of a day where we could eat something that was just like cheese on a pizza, but, you know, without it being made from animals.

And, now that day is here. Well, almost.

This partnership is epic and we are so excited to be working with Evel Pie and NUMU to introduce Las Vegas and our vegan community to this cheese that is taking Manhattan by storm.

How is NUMU Different from Other Vegan Cheese?

Numu Vegan Cheese is coming to Las Vegas for a special one night Vegans, Baby Vegan Takeover at Evel Pie. For more information, visit

This vegan mozzarella has been around for more than a year and while we haven’t tasted it yet (hey, we’re excitedly awaiting the melty goodness on our Evel Pie next week), it’s been getting a lot of hype because it melts. Like, really melts. And also tastes like the real thing, according to NUMU and diners all over NYC.

The creation of Brooklyn-based Gunars Elmuts, NUMU vegan cheese is  dairy-free, lactose-free, casein-free, GMO-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

If you believe what you read (and in this case, it’s reviews from New York pizza-lovers who are vegan, and let’s face it, New York and pizza go hand-in-hand) then this vegan cheese is a game-changer for the vegan cheese world and pizza industry.

Don’t miss the first-ever Vegans, Baby Vegan Takeover at Evel Pie and the debut of NUMU Vegan Cheese! Get your tickets today.

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