Meditation, Kundalini Yoga in Las Vegas, Healing, Readings and More

Are you looking to find more of a balance in your life and Kundalini Yoga in Las Vegas? Enter Michelle Kellogg, the woman behind Mindful Mystic. Kellogg works to help clients balance their inner bliss and is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Angel Card Reader and Kundalini Yoga instructor.

Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing, angel card reading and more are done by Michelle Kellogg, the Mindful Mystic, in Las Vegas. For more on health and wellness and vegan lifestyle in Las Vegas, visit

Her services include:

Reiki treatments

The charka-balancing treatments tap into this Japanese technique which is used to reduce stress, help people relax and promote healing and balance to the chakras. It helps “tune up” your energy and allow for natural healing. Kellogg also includes a healing bowl sound bath with reiki, an ancient technology to stimulate brainwaves. The soothing vibrations help relax the body and improve your vibrational frequency.

Kundalini Yoga

She teaches Kundalini Yoga in Las Vegas at RYK Yoga and Meditation Center Thursdays at 9 a.m. For those who aren’t aware, Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. Classes consist of physical movements (kriyas), a breathing exercise known as pranayama, and meditation. These elements help strengthen the physical body, as well as awaken and balance the chakras, transcend the mind and help develop spiritual awareness.

Angel Oracle Readings

Readings help people looking for divine guidance on important issues, as well as seek clarity. Readings help provide inner wisdom to make important decisions, confidence to make healthy life changes and inspiration to manifest desires.

To learn more about her services or book a session, visit her site, Mindful Mystic.

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