Don’t let the diner exterior fool you. Lemongrass, located on Eastern Ave. at the 215, is not a diner. It’s home to a Vietnamese restaurant that offers a few vegan options.

We’re big fans of the vegan Pho, packed with your choice of veggies, tofu or both.

Plus, there are some pretty decent appetizers to indulge in, too.

While the food is good, the service isn’t great. The few times we’ve patronized Lemongrass, staff is largely rude and act like there are a million things they’d rather be doing than serving anyone anything. That being said, if you can stomach the poor customer service, you can definitely stomach the piping hot and tasty pho they’re dishing out.

8820 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, 89123 | 702.463.1300

Call for hours of operation.

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