How to Get Your Favorite Vegan Food in Las Vegas … When It’s Not Nearby

Is your favorite vegan food in Las Vegas too far away? Or, are you staying at a hotel that doesn’t have a lot of options? Just because a restaurant is out of reach doesn’t mean the food is, too.

Las Vegas is equipped with plenty of meal delivery options to get the meals you want from the restaurant to you. To make it easy, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Remember, just because a restaurant itself doesn’t have delivery it operates, it may still partner with meal delivery services!


Restaurant delivery options in Las Vegas. Uber isn’t just a ride share service; it’s also a meal ordering delivery platform. UberEats, which launched in Las Vegas in 2016, works with restaurants all over the Valley. Simply download the app or order online, pick the restaurant and order your food. They often offer incentives for first-time users with special discount codes. If you’re on The Strip or other hotel, the driver meets you curbside.


Similar to UberEats is Postmates also partners with restaurants to deliver meals to you. They also offer delivery of groceries, supplies and plenty of other things, on-demand. Keep an eye on the delivery fees based on the pick-up and drop-off locations, meaning spots like Anthem have a whopping $15+ fee tacked on depending on where your food is coming from.


With heaps of restaurants in the Valley, GrubHub is another meal delivery option that lets you get your favorite vegan meals delivered to your door. Order online or on your phone.


In case the other delivery services don’t work out, the options still abound with BiteSquad.

What’s your favorite restaurant delivery service?

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