How I Fixed My Digestion Issues: a Look at Restore

Feel better and fight leaky gut with Restore.

Disclosure: I received compensation for writing this review. However, I have used this product for some time and truly believe in it.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as leaky gut two years ago, and I always thought gluten intolerance was a fad. It wasn’t until I went vegan and started leaning on more breads and other carbs to fill me up that I started learning about all of these modern new “gut” issues at all.

Turns out, I had a lot to learn!

First, I discovered that gluten issues are not a fad – although they often have more to do with the Roundup that is sprayed on wheat than the gluten itself. Wow! An explanation as to why this is a fairly new phenomenon. Pretty interesting since so many vegans do tend to consume a lot of gluten unless specifically watching their gluten intake (spoiler alert: I do now, but haven’t always).

Because in today’s modern world, are system is bombarded with toxins, our gut lining can take a hit, allowing microbes, food particles that haven’t been digested all the way and more, to escape (sneaky little jerks) from your intestines and go to swim around in your blood. Sounds yucky, yeah?


A lot of people in the States think they have gluten issues. In fact, gluten in the US releases a protein called zonulin, which breaks apart the tight junctions of our intestinal lining.

Except … it isn’t the gluten which actually causes you to feel like crap. It’s the glyphosate, which is a chemical used in Roundup. Which is sprayed basically in every farm in the USA that mass produces wheat. Yup. Glyphosate found in the wheat is making us sick.

Eat some store-bought, non-organic bread and don’t feel well? But, if you’re in, say, France, and nosh down on a freshly-made baguette with the same basic ingredients and feel fine? It’s because we use Roundup and they don’t.

Scary as, eh?

After my juice cleanse (story coming soon), I was slowwwwww to put crap into my body. Like, super slow. It was all organic, mostly raw. Every now and again, I would eat something with gluten. And, my body would rebel. I was in pain. I was miserable. A friend of mine suggested I try something called Restore … so, after a sleepless night feeling like my appendix was falling out of my body, I did.

Here’s what happened when I took the suggested dose:

I started to feel better. And I started to arm my self with knowledge because, yeah, I thought my juice cleanse created some weird gluten issue that was going to sever my love affair with pizza forever-ever (see above for said knowledge).

Not only that, but my digestion improved and I stopped feeling like I was going to implode.

I also learned that 70 percent of my immune system is based in the gut. Meaning, that if you work on your gut issues, your body can fight for you better in so many areas! So I’m loading up on Restore whenever my immune system might be compromised, like when packed into economy seating in a plane.

It’s become my go-to and lets me eat bread (even though I still try to avoid most crap) and has once again let me eat pizza. Although, I still prefer locally-grown and locally-made stuff, like the organic, non-GMO bread by Bread for the People.

Should you try Restore? Yeah. If you suffer from digestive issues like the ones I’ve talked about, it’s worth a shot. Plus, I love that it comes in a travel size (I’m headed to Mexico and bringing it with).

Check it out today.

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  • Rebekah Zimlich
    Posted at 19:10h, 31 May Reply

    Love that stuff. I even just got the nose spray and I am using it every morning to flush out my nasal cavities. The gut is your second brain!

    • Diana Edelman
      Posted at 12:47h, 10 July Reply

      Restore is a fantastic product!