Go Raw Cafe

Updated: December 27, 2016.

Both Go Raw Cafe locations are closed.

Established¬†way¬†before vegan and raw dining became a thing in Vegas, Go Raw Cafe offers raw versions of some of America’s best comfort foods. Think pizza, burgers and more.

Start with a chips and salsa, or grab some friends and order up the sampler platter to get a taste of some of the crowd favorites. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the house salad. We’re not kidding.

This everything-but-the-kitchen sink salad is the best one in town, and filled with tasty fruits and veggies. And the dressing? Based on how damn good it is, we find it acceptable to lick your plate. Or at least your fork.

Serving breakfast, lunch and late lunch (AKA dinner), try out any of the entrees that range from sushi and pasta to soups and wraps. All raw. All vegan. All delicious.

Round out your meal with some super juices, coconuts, smoothies or raw desserts.

The two locations in town both offer a small market to bring home your own vegan goods, and the Eastern location also offers a small selection of some cooked items.


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