Donut Bar Las Vegas

In early 2016, whispers started circulating that the popular San Diego donut shop, aptly named Donut Bar, was going to make its debut in Las Vegas.

A few months later, Donut Bar Las Vegas opened its doors in the John E. Carson building in downtown Vegas, filling the void that O Face Doughnuts left in 2015.

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Not every delicious morsel here is vegan, but the stars smiled down and delivered a few scrumptious vegan donuts to the menu. They come in the form of peanut butter and jelly, apple fritters, creme brulee and even a Strawberry Split donut that is simply heaven. We totally get why the shop has the hashtag #bestdonutsintheworld and has a serious cult following. Although we certainly haven’t had every vegan donut, we can say these are damn good.

Be sure to check the rotating menu that features locally sourced and seasonal donuts. Let’s hope executive chef Jeff Thomas adds some more vegan creations to the lineup. If they are as good as the few vegans ones we’ve wolfed down, we can’t imagine what other deliciousness he will create.

Welcome to Las Vegas, Donut Bar.

124 S. 6th St., #140, Las Vegas, 89101 

Open daily 7 a.m. until the goods are gone.

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