California Pizza Kitchen

We love seeing chain restaurants moving towards a more vegan-friendly menu. Or at least offering something beyond simply salads. And boring ones at that.

While the items aren’t specified as vegan, staff here actually have a trusty guide they used (and which they gave to us) which clearly outlines what is vegan, gluten-free and so on.

That being said, the true vegan options aren’t a plenty, but what they can tweak to vegan is pretty nice.

Want to dine somewhere with food for all? California Pizza Kitchen has a few vegan items, but can also tweak plenty of the food to make it vegan in Las Vegas,. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

Appetizers that are vegan includes the white corn guacamole with chips (albeit a super small and somewhat disappointing serving of the guac). You can also snack on the Tuscan hummus and lettuce wraps. Plus, slight modifications like nixing the cheese make quite a few other starters vegan.

There are soup and salads of the vegan variety (again, it’s all about the mods in some cases), but our favorite is — of course — the pizza. The California Veggie, if we’re getting specific. Don’t eat the pizza. The chain recently changed its crust ingredients and now it is not vegan.

Multiple locations in Las Vegas. Please visit their website for a complete listing of locations.

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