18 Feb

Welcome to Vegans, Baby!

Vegans, Baby aims to serve as the most comprehensive database for locals and visitors looking to support vegan and vegan-friendly businesses in Las Vegas and the region. Its mission is to make being vegan in Las Vegas more accessible to both tourists and locals, as well as to highlight people, stories and more in the vegan community.


What you will find on Vegans, Baby:

  • Individual listings of restaurants which offer vegan dining options in Las Vegas;
  • Goods and services which offer cruelty-free/vegan products;
  • Some of our favorite vegan products;
  • Individual Las Vegas hotel listings;
  • Tours and attractions in Las Vegas

Be sure to check out the Vegans, Baby blog to learn more about living a cruelty-free lifestyle, and see who out there in the world is rocking the vegan scene with new ideas, recipes, restaurant profiles, tips and more!


Vegans, Baby is for everyone: Las Vegas locals, visitors and those who are vegan or want to live more consciously.


About the Founder

Vegans, Baby was founded in 2015 by Las Vegas resident Diana Edelman, a long-time animal rights activist and travel expert. Diana first dipped her toes into cruelty-free life four years ago when she relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand to handle public relations and social media for an elephant rescue organization. Working on the front lines of animal rights and seeing the way they were treated first-hand made her swear off consuming animal products, and shortly thereafter, animal byproducts. She moved back to Las Vegas in 2015.


Diana is passionate about helping to raise awareness about living a kinder life and encouraging others through engaging content, and easily-accessible information. As Las Vegas grows, it is her hope that Vegans, Baby helps to promote the vegan lifestyle and establish the city as being vegan-friendly.