Vegan-Friendly Coffee Shops Las Vegas

Looking for vegan-friendly coffee shops? Las Vegas is home to many! The original version of this round-up appeared in Vegas Seven

We love coffee. And coffee shops. And the vibe which echoes from said coffee shops (at least the non-cookie-cutter ones like Sbux). But, merging that vegan life into coffee shop life isn’t always easy. Sure, there are plenty of shops in Vegas which offer alternatives to dairy milk. Food, however, is an entirely different story.

Hence, we set out to find the coffee shops in town offering more than the fruit cups and oatmeal to accompany our cup of perk. The result? There are a handful of coffee shops in Las Vegas that are vegan-friendly. And, by vegan-friendly, we mean places which serve actual (tasty!) food we can eat and leave feeling full.

So, grab your vegan — and non-vegan friends, because there aren’t any solely plant-based coffee shops in town, yet — and go grab that cuppa and plate of goodness.

House of Alchemy

It’s no secret House of Alchemy is our favorite pick for coffee shops that cater to vegans. This gorgeous spot opened at the beginning of 2017 and is already a darling in town. This bright and airy businesses features two floors of space to hang with friends, work (oh, yeah!) and eat and drink. With a massive selection of juices, smoothies and nut milks, this nearly entirely vegan coffee shop also features a gorgeous selection of raw desserts, and is working on a daytime menu.

Vesta Coffee Roasters

A guide to vegan-friendly coffee shops in Las Vegas. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

If you’re heading Downtown to the Arts District, Vesta is one of the three coffee shops in DTLV … and our top pick thanks to the friendly staff and clean, crisp, hip vibe. Order up the macadamia almond latte (trust, it’s sensational) and then hunker down with The Basic, a thick slice of toast with avocado covered in crushed red pepper and Himalayan salt. OK, there aren’t ht many options for vegans right now, but rumor has it, they are working on bringing in some more items. Plus, they have rotating specials that feature more vegan goodness.


A guide to vegan-friendly coffee shops in Las Vegas. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

This crowded spot located in the hipster area of Fremont East offers a rotating selection of vegan food to chow on. While you never know what you’re going to get, there is always something at PublicUs. We love the curry lentil soup, and so will you. Check out their Facebook page for events, too. They’ve got stuff going on most weekends.

Sunrise Coffee

A guide to vegan-friendly coffee shops in Las Vegas. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

Let’s head back to the East side of town and the awesomeness that is Sunrise Coffee. This joint is always packed, and with good reason: their food and drinks are fantastic. They’ve got a decent vegan selection of eats, including pastries (!) and sandwiches. Some come ready-made vegan and others can be modified. For breakfast, try the alien burrito packed with beans, couscous, hummus, vegan cheese, spinach, tomato and avocado with some Veganaise thrown in for good measure. Wash it down with a lavender matcha latte.

Mothership Coffee Roasters

Mothership Coffee Roasters in Green Valley offers locally roasted coffee and delicious vegan items like a vegan twinkie and savory breakfast pie. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

The independent coffee shop, Mothership Coffee Roasters, (which also owns Sunrise) is focused more on its pastry game. Here, they freshly bake items like vegan versions of Twinkies, almond bread cookies, hand pies and more. It’s small, but with a few outdoor seats, it’s a fab place to grab some sweets, a cup of freshly roasted coffee, and hang. After you’re done eating and drinking, bop next door to Christopher Todd Design for some unique home decor items (it’s our favorite store in town!).


Vegan waffles, cookies, salads, smoothies and more can be found at TIABI Coffee and Waffles, located near UNLV. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

If you’re nearby ULNV, TIABI is your spot. This coffee shop is known for its waffles and we’re a sucker for the Viva Las Elvis, a waffle smothered in peanut butter and banana, then topped with coconut bacon and agave. It’s oh-so-good. For lunch, check out the Guru Burger, a veggie patty sandwiched between waffles.

Jolly Beans Cafe

Inspirada finally has a vegan-friendly restaurant! Jolly Beans Cafe offers select vegan dishes, coffee and tea. For more vegan dining options, visit

In the deep South of Las Vegas is Jolly Beans Cafe. Located in the master-planned Inspirada, Jolly Beans has a vegan eats menu focused on recreations of deli sandwiches like grilled paninis stuffed with vegan turkey or bagels filled with veggie sausage and vegan cheese.

Are we missing your favorite coffee shop? Let us know!

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A guide to vegan-friendly coffee shops in Las Vegas. For more vegan options in Las Vegas, visit

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