Top Five Places to Get Vegan Desserts in Las Vegas

Have a sweet tooth? It’s not as easy to find vegan desserts in Las Vegas, so we’ve put together our top five places to get vegan desserts in town. Get ready to take notes and discover these (sometimes) hidden gems in Las Vegas. You may even want to skip dinner.

Actually, who are we kidding. Skipping dinner with all of these amazing vegan dining options is silly.

From raw cakes to fresh donuts, mouthwatering cake and more, don’t miss these five spots to get dessert in Las Vegas.


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One of the healthiest plant-based menus in town, Panevino serves up two sensational desserts: Vincenzo’s Decadent Chocolate Pudding and the Chocolate Gelato and Almond Milk. The pudding is a fat-free cocoa chocolate pudding served with fresh strawberries. The gelato is organic and served with organic warm almond milk, dried cranberries and toasted almonds.

Come for lunch or dinner and stick around for these delicious vegan desserts.


We've rounded up the top spots to get vegan desserts in Las Vegas, including VegeNation. For more guides on Las Vegas and being vegan, visit www.vegansbaby.comAn entirely vegan kitchen, VegeNation doesn’t skimp on the desserts.

We’re big fans of the black-bean based brownie sundae, which comes complete with two whopping scoops of ice cream in chocolate and vanilla. They’ve also got a raw carrot cake with lemon cashew icing, a cheesecake with walnut crust and topped with organic blueberries, artisanal cheese, a fruit plate, smoothies and more.

Donut Bar

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The new kid on the block in Downtown Las Vegas, Donut Bar has a nice selection of vegan donuts to choose from. They’re as big as your face (at least some of them) and deliver all the donut-y goodness you know and love in full on vegan form.

Grab the peanut butter and jelly donut or the apple fritter. With a rotating menu, you never know what you’re going to get!

Hussong’s/Slice of Vegas

We've rounded up the top spots to get vegan desserts in Las Vegas, including the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting at Hussong's Cantina and Slice of Vegas. For more guides on Las Vegas and being vegan, visit

There are two vegan desserts on the menu at Hussong’s Cantina and Slice of Vegas. We’re personally obsessed with the chocolate cake with fluffy peanut butter icing.

It’s not dry like other vegan cakes, and it tastes delicious. And the icing? My. Goodness.

The other option for dessert at these two spots is the fried dough. Note: this deliciousness is ONLY at the Mandalay Bay location for Hussong’s. If you go to the Boca Park spot, you’re out of luck.

Vegan Bites


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An entire vegan bakery (!!), Vegan Bites located in Henderson, offers cookies, popcorn, brownies, cake and cupcakes to indulge that sweet tooth of yours.

They even offer customized cakes should you need one for a special occasion. With so many vegan treats, it’s hard to walk out with only one item.

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The top five places to enjoy vegan desserts in Las Vegas. For more on vegan dining and visiting Las Vegas, visit

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