This Stuff is Good For You

Make caring for your home, bath and body healthy and easy with the Las Vegas-based This Stuff is Good For You.

The local business which started selling holistic cleaners, health and beauty products now has expanded beyond its regular spot at the Vegas farmers’ markets and has a site where locals (and awesome visitors) can snatch up the goods. Catch them in person every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at the markets, or order your goodies online.

Focusing on quality ingredients, these products leave you and your house clean and feeling good without damaging the environment. The company sells cleaners, laundry soap, pet shampoo, body washes, shampoos, bath fizz, hand sanitizers, tooth powder, soaks (we LOVE them), oils, deodorant, soaps and more.

Products created by This Stuff is Good For You are cruelty-free (note: some products may contain honey), eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. We dig that we can use ’em around our pets (and our friends can use ’em around their kiddos).


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