Rachel’s Kitchen

While it would seem that Rachel’s Kitchen would offer plenty of vegan options, the truth is, they are somewhat limited. At least in terms of the vegan options which deliver health benefits versus just a pretty photo.

With a few vegan options, Rachel's Kitchen includes healthy juices. salads and more. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit www.vegansbaby.com

Take, for example, the dinner menu. Sure, there are vegan dishes, but the only one to deliver protein is the chopped salad with its garbanzo beans. In addition, some of the other should-be vegan options, like sweet potato fries, are fried in the same oil as meat product. But, not every staff member tells guests of this.

That being said, Rachel’s Kitchen does have serve vegan items that allow plant-based people to mingle with others who aren’t. While options are limited, it’s not a bad spot if you’re looking to grab a coffee, snack and hang time with friends.

The casual bistro has numerous locations throughout the Valley.

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