Merkato Ethiopian Cafe

It’s easy for Ethiopian to be vegan-friendly. In Vegas, there aren’t an abundance of Ethiopian spots to soak up all the flavors, but Merkato Ethiopian Cafe is there for us.

Housed in a quiet strip mall, and about 10 minutes from The Strip, Merkato isn’t pretentious. At all. In fact, it’s the opposite and about as un-Vegas as you can get.

Merkato Ethiopian offers a delicious vegan sampler plate perfect for two to split. For more vegan dining options in Las Vegas, visit

You don’t come here for posh or design, you come for the food. And, it’s good. The actual restaurant itself? Well, it’s dark. It’s dingy. It’s super local. But, that’s what makes it special. Well, that and the super flavorful food.

The restaurant offers quite a few vegan selections, as well as a veggie combo platter that delivers six or so vegan selections that are enough to split between two people.

It’s not expensive, service is quick and the food is delicious.

4970 Arville St. | 702. 776.6769

Open daily: 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.

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