California Pizza Kitchen

We love seeing chain restaurants moving towards a more vegan-friendly menu. Or at least offering something beyond simply salads. And boring ones at that.

While the items aren’t specified as vegan, staff here actually have a trusty guide they used (and which they gave to us) which clearly outlines what is vegan, gluten-free and so on.

That being said, the true vegan options aren’t a plenty, but what they can tweak to vegan is pretty nice.

Appetizers that are vegan includes the white corn guacamole with chips (albeit a super small and somewhat disappointing serving of the guac). You can also snack on the Tuscan hummus and lettuce wraps. Plus, slight modifications like nixing the cheese make quite a few other starters vegan.

There are soup and salads of the vegan variety (again, it’s all about the mods in some cases), but our favorite¬†is — of course — the pizza. The California Veggie, if we’re getting specific. No vegan pizzas exist … yet … but this one is the easiest to make vegan. Remove the mozzarella and voila: you’ve got baby broccoli, eggplant, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted corn and red onions on a marinara-covered crust. Mmmm.


Multiple locations in Las Vegas. Please visit their website for a complete listing of locations.

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