The Beat

Let’s suspend the vegan talk for a moment and change directions. The Beat Coffeehouse & Records is probably the coffee shop in Vegas with the best “scene.”

Located Downtown in the Emergency Arts building, this is the place where Downtown writers, creatives and more come to sip on some coffee, grab a beer, take in an open mic night or browse all the records on hand.¬†Chill here and you’re cozied up next to some of the biggest movers-and-shakers in Downtown Vegas.

With fast wifi, plenty of seating and outlets, it’s the spot to bring your laptop and work the day away.

Now, for the vegan aspect.

In terms of coffee, they’ve got both almond and soy milk to craft the lattes. The vegan dining options aren’t bountiful, but they can tweak some of the vegetarian items and even some meat ones, to be vegan-friendly.

True vegan dishes offered include the roasted veggie sandwich and roasted veggie salad. They’ve also got a roasted veggie baguette, mixed green salad, quinoa tabbouleh and a green smoothie. Occasionally, their soups of the day are vegan, too.

Head down here for the scene more than anything else. You’ll probably see us.

520 Fremont St., Las Vegas, 89101 | 702.385.2328

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